Executive committee

General Chair
Daniel Nilsen Wright, SINTEF
General Co-Chair
Johan Liu, Chalmers
Technical Program Chair
Heidi Lundén, Schott Primoceler
Technical Program Co-chair
Dag Andersson, RISE

Exhibition Chair
Paul Collander, IMAPS Nordic
Exhibition Co-Chair
Hans Grönqvist, RISE
Executive Chair
Yifeng Fu, Chalmers

Local organizing committee

Executive Co- chair
Terho Kutilainen, Poltronic
Finance Chair
Anders E. Petersen, Oticon
Local organizing Chair
Yifeng Fu, Chalmers
Media and Promotion Chair
Toni Mattila, Aalto University
Secretary of the Conference
Hafid Zehri, Chalmers
Professional Conference Organizer
Maria Hellberg, Meetx
IEEE contact
Toni Mattila, IEEE
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